WARNING: Do NOT Do Business with Conrad Flynn

I recently emailed Conrad Flynn (AKA/DBA Concur New Media) to ask for marketing help with my business.  We then had a long phone conversation in which I further explained the details of my business, and he told me that if I paid him $2500 to join his 4-week "Rapid Lead Generation Workshop", then my business would receive 50-100 new leads per week and $700-$1000 in new sales per week.  I was extremely skeptical, but Conrad reassured me by promising that "if you think it's all bullshit, then I'll give you a refund."

Well, his program didn't work: as of 6 months later (well beyond the 4-week period that he said it would take), I was only getting about 2 leads per week, with no sales from them whatsoever.  This, combined with the fact that Conrad routinely took days or weeks to respond to my emails (or just ignored them completely), prompted me to request the refund he promised, only to discover that that too was a lie.

Is Conrad Flynn a con artist, or is he just grossly incompetent?  Is "Concur New Media" just a scam?  I cannot say for sure.  But the fact is that he repeatedly lied to me and failed to deliver what he promised.

Timeline of Deception

Dec 2, 2014 Phone call in which Conrad promised me "50-100" leads/week and "$700-$1000" in new sales/week, and said "if you think it's all bullshit, then I'll give you a refund."
Dec 4, 2014 I paid Conrad the $2500 to join his program.
Apr 9, 2015 Phone call in which I complained about the fact that I'd only gotten 55 leads in 2 months (and 0 sales), not the 50-100/week that he promised.  Conrad told me he would send me a script for a new, improved video sales letter.  He said he'd send it "over the weekend", but he actually never sent it at all.
May 22, 2015 I emailed Conrad, asking to take him up on his offer for a refund.  He ignored my email for nearly two weeks.
Jun 3, 2015 Conrad finally replied to my email after 12 days.  He said: "I don't want to keep your money if you're totally unhappy but the truth is you generated almost 100 leads and your lead cost is very stable and predictable" -- he said that I just need to increase my daily ad spending in order to increase the number of leads that I get.
Jun 4, 2015 I replied to Conrad and explained the error in his logic:
To get from my current 2 leads/week into just the very bottom end of your promised lead range (50/week) I'd have to increase my spending by 25x, from $5/day to $125/day. Even if your method actually brought in the $700-$1000/week that you said it would, I would have to spend every penny of it on these Facebook ads just to break even. But your method is NOT bringing in $700-$1000/week -- it's bringing in zero. So increasing my daily ad spending to anywhere near that level is impossible.

I've given you 6 months for your "4-week" program to work, and even with all that time, you have failed to deliver the results that you promised. So no, I don't want any more "help" from you because I don't believe a word that you say. Working with you has been the most frustrating and disappointing business mistake I've ever made. Just refund my money.
Jun 7-14, 2015 I sent multiple follow-up emails; Conrad ignored all of them.
Jun 15, 2015 Conrad finally replied to my email after 11 days, saying that he will honor the refund request, and that a "David" would contact me to get things moving.
Jun 15, 2015 David Barachie did email me, requesting a few things, which I immediately provided, and he replied saying "we will be in touch with your refund shortly."  This was the last I ever heard from "David."
Jun 18, 2015 The "shortly" part was a lie, and when I asked Conrad about it, he said "We're scheduling this with bookkeeping now. Will have a firm date for you Monday."  This was the last email I ever received from Conrad.
Jul 9, 2015 I tracked down Conrad on Facebook and threatened to publish the facts about how he lied to me and defrauded me unless he honored his word and sent my refund.  He replied:
Truth is, it's my fault. I haven't been able to get this through our new bookeeping departmen. If I'm unable to do that within the next few days I will pay you personally if I have to.
So he says it's his fault, but then he blames it on the bookkeeping department.
Jul 9, 2015 I replied and said I was willing to give him the few days that he supposedly needed, until next Tuesday, Jul 14.
Jul 14, 2015 I sent Conrad multiple Facebook messages, asking him to finally do the right thing and stop making excuses and send my refund; he ignored them all.
Jul 15, 2015 Nearly two months after my refund request, Conrad still has not sent it.  It certainly seems like the whole thing was just a scam and he never had any intention of refunding my money.  So now conradflynnlies.com goes live, detailing how Conrad Flynn / Concur New Media defrauded me and repeatedly lied to me.  I hope this information is able to help other people avoid getting ripped off by Conrad Flynn, and wasting months of work and frustration on a program that doesn't work.